1099 vs. W2

Navigating through the world of PRN staffing can be tricky. Which platform do I use? Who has the best pricing? How reliable are the workers? Are they qualified?

GigWorx Healthcare is a Step Above (600 × 360 px) (600 × 250 px)-1

GigWorx Healthcare Staffing is here to support you as you work your way through these questions. When considering per diem workers, here’s one of the biggest questions healthcare facilities face: Are 1099 contractors really the most cost-effective staffing solution?

Here’s some food for thought:


GigWorx prides itself on providing not only quality clinicians, but also quality service! This includes looking out for your best interests. Our workers are W-2 employees that are heavily vetted, experienced, and fully insured.

As a healthcare staffing partner, GigWorx protects our clients with Worker’s Compensation and millions of dollars in General and Professional Liability coverage. Next time you call for assistance, ask yourself if the agency on the line is going to cover you the way GigWorx has you covered.

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We're your staffing partner, GigWorx Healthcare Solutions.

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