2 Tips to Quickly Fill Staffing Gaps

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products or services, every business experiences busy times and lean times. When extra hands are needed, gig workers (or temporary workers) can be your ace in the hole to quickly fill gaps without long-term commitments. Gig workers can also be your solution to reduce employee onboarding costs, saving time and money with HR tasks and much more. Here are 2 reasons to consider using gig workers for your business:

1. Scalability – Add or Reduce Payroll Per Business Needs

A scalable workforce is a workforce that grows/shrinks according to business needs, meaning when more employees are needed, the workforce grows. When demands shrink, so does the workforce. While hiring permanent staff and increasing payroll costs might be a quick fix to a current problem, long term, you’ll be paying more than you need to get the work done.

Instead, consider hiring temporary workers. You’ll never be short staffed when you hire temporary workers to fill in during the busy times and seasons, when you start a new project or need to meet aggressive project deadlines. Plus, you won’t be paying costly salaries to permanent employees when you don’t really need them full-time.

When the busy season ends or the project is completed, you don’t need to worry about firing or layoffs. Instead, the relationship simply ends as they begin looking for their next gig. Using gig workers helps keep payroll costs down while keeping productivity up when you need it most.

2. Maintain Staffing Flexibility

As a business owner, you know being short-staffed or over-staffed is never good for business. Using temporary workers allows you to adjust to the ebbs and flows of staffing caused by unforeseen circumstances such as sudden turnover, someone calling in sick and new projects. And for seasonal and holiday hires, they can provide the extra hands you need to manage the additional work. All it requires is a quick online search on an app or website to access a pool of pre-screened talent to help your business handle those unexpected staffing needs.

Keeping Employees Happy

When current staff isn’t overburdened with too much overtime or performing the job of two (or even three) employees, staff retention and loyalty increases. Satisfied employees create a friendlier work environment which trickles down to a better customer experience.

Gig workers allow you to supplement your workforce without increasing your permanent headcount and costs. You can hire multiple gig workers when you need to handle staff spikes without any long-term commitments. When the workload goes down, gig workers simply move on to their next assignment!

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