7 Strategies To Turn Your Temp Gig To A Perm Role

When it comes to landing a permanent dream job it all boils down to opportunity. And like anything important achieved in life, don’t wait for opportunity to knock you down. Instead, be proactive and chase it down. If you haven’t found a permanent role and want one, start with a temporary gig with the hopes of a getting a full-time, permanent job down the road.

If you’re working a temp gig in a company and position that you’d like to see go permanent, here are seven strategies to have the hiring manager take notice and convert that gig into a permanent role.

  1. Talk to the hiring manager Communicate to coworkers and hiring managers you are interested in making the gig permanent. This accomplishes two things. First, you let everybody know you are actively seeking employment. If you don’t, your boss may assume you want to move on to the next gig when this one is over. And two, if there is no possibility of going permanent, you know upfront before investing too much time. If a permanent position is your ultimate goal, hopefully, your next gig will have better prospects. At the very least, you have made important business contacts.
  1. Show you are reliable – When you come to work on time, dress appropriately, leave drama at home, and perform well, it shows the manager you are a dependable worker with an unfailing commitment to the job. A gig worker who demonstrates a steadfast and reliable nature is one who will stand out in the crowd. While dependability and reliability are traits all workers should have, it’s not necessarily one everybody does have. Working the gig with a little extra professionalism may be just what is needed to move from provisional to permanent.
  2. Show interest – Some temporary workers have the mindset that since the gig is short-term simply getting the job done is good enough. And while that may be true if you want to work gig to gig, if you are looking to move from temporary to full-time, you've got to do more than show up. If you have good ideas to make things run smoother, express them. If the manager has a special project or something needs to be done outside of your role, volunteer. In other words, act like you are already part of the team. And who knows? In time, you may be.
  3. Work hard – Put some elbow grease into your performance. If your main responsibilities is to handle the cash register and ring up sales, try a little upselling to the customers. Ask if they found everything they were looking for or if they need any batteries with the toy they just bought. Slow? Sure, you can check your phone for texts and messages or chat with the other cashiers. Or you could tidy up the sweater section which the customers had a free-for-all with or make sure the items in front of your register are organized and well-stocked. When you exceed expectations, managers and co-workers will notice.
  4. Make yourself indispensable - Taking on extra shifts when you had plans for some quiet time at home may seem like a pain, but putting in that extra time could pay off. In fact, it could give you an edge over other temporary workers when a full-time position opens up. Who do you think your boss would be more likely to hire? Someone who calls out at the last minute or someone who takes that person’s shift so the rest of the team is not overloaded? When you help the unit run smoothly by going above and beyond the normal call of duty, the hiring manager will view you as essential to the department. And that’s just where you want to be!
  5. Be a team player - Managers want employees who blend well with the rest of their team. So with that in mind, offer your co-workers and teammates assistance when they need it. If you are working as a server at a restaurant and see another waiter backed up with orders, lend a hand. Not only will they return the favor when you are busy, but if a position opens up they might say to the manager, “Jake always helps when someone has too many tables. Whether it’s bringing out meals before they get cold or clearing plates when a customer is finished, I know I can count on him.”
  6. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground – You never know where opportunity will knock, so actively look for them. Perhaps another department is short on help or an employee is interviewing elsewhere or ready to quit. Perhaps a new store or department is opening up in a month or they are bringing in new equipment that you can learn on the side. If you hear of opportunities, either talk to the hiring manager or your GigWorx representative so you are positioned at the head of the line.

Not all temporary positions will turn into full-time employment, but there is no downside to treating your gig as the one that might make the conversion. If nothing else, you will be viewed as an outstanding worker and put on the company’s short list of gigsters they would like to hire again. Learn more.

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