Choosing Your Shifts Carefully: Per Diem Etiquette

Are you eager to pick up multiple shifts with GigWorx? We certainly appreciate your enthusiasm! Keep in mind that your commitment and follow-through to per diem shifts is key, and helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our clients and their crew.

This article serves as a friendly reminder about shift work etiquette.

What happens when I accept a shift through the GigWorx app?

When you accept a shift, a confirmation notification is sent to the staffing coordinator of the building where you shift is, as well as a member of the GigWorx team. By accepting a shift, you immediately notify multiple people of your commitment in real time. Once you accept a shift, the post is removed from the public job board. This means it is no longer visible to other GigWorx app users.

What if I cancel a shift that I already accepted?

We understand that life happens. Things come up and priorities change. Whether it’s a medical emergency or a level three snowstorm, with GigWorx, you have options.

If you need to drop a shift that you’ve already accepted, we ask that you please try to do so as early as possible, so that we can partner with our client to fill the gap quickly.

First, the client (the facility where the shift is taking place) will be notified that you have dropped the shift. As soon as the client becomes aware of a dropped shift, they work quickly to repost the shift on the GigWorx app. Once posted as an open shift, the client will start the search for shift coverage again. GigWorx then sends notifications to all qualified users for this open shift.

Unfortunately, many dropped shifts never get fulfilled or accepted by other users.

Again, we completely understand that things come up. If you know you’ll be unable to work for several days or even several weeks, please connect with your recruiter to give them a heads up. We want to respect your privacy, especially in the instance of a death in the family.

At GigWorx, our goal is to simplify staffing needs. We want to minimize stress for our clients by doing the heavy lifting for them. We want to continue to offer them peace of mind by providing qualified, talented workers at a moment’s notice.

We appreciate our gigsters for their flexibility, work ethic and continued commitment.

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