Full time, part time, or gig staff? Know which works for your business

When your business is short-staffed, the chaos can be real. If your business can’t perform, the potential of losing money, or worse, customer loyalty, can seem like an overwhelming obstacle. You’re faced with burnt out employees, and to add to it, the responsibility as the business owner to make the right hiring decisions. The decision includes more factors than just bringing in the right employee. For some businesses not only is experience, personality, and dependability a factor, so is the employee type. How do you know when it makes sense to hire Full-Time, Part-Time, or a Gig Worker? When your staff is short, you may feel rushed to get anyone through the door and you might end up making the wrong decision. So before, that happens, let’s take a look at employee type, the recruiting process, and the benefits of each.

Full-Time Employee

Full-Time employees are typically brought on to fill a role in which the same job is being completed every day. It is beneficial to hire Full-Time employees when workload is consistent, and you need an employee that comes with ample experience. Since Full-Time employees are hired into the company permanently, it is important that the right candidates are considered for the job. This can increase time and money spent, as employers invest in costly job boards, complex interviewing processes, and onboarding. Because the employer handles the recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding of Full-Time employees directly, this is not typically a quick process. Further, since Full-Time candidates are often in need of a full-time schedule, they will likely need to give notice to an existing job, which could put off their start date by more than two weeks. However, hiring a Full-Time employee can be beneficial in that employers are able to invest in one individual that has been directly screened, and trained for that particular job.

Part-Time Employee

Part-Time employees are also directly hired to fill a role in which the same job is being completed daily, but usually acts in support of Full-Time employees. It is beneficial to hire Part-Time employees when you need a few additional team members to lighten the workload of Full-Time staff. These candidates will still need to go through a stringent screening, interviewing, and onboarding process and employers will still need to invest in job boards to find quality candidates. However, Part-Time employees offer cost savings in that they don’t require employee benefits if they are working less than 30 hours per week, and they can begin assisting the existing staff quickly. Part-Time employees can often float between roles to help out as needed and have the potential to become great candidates that move into Full-Time roles, bringing their widely diverse expertise of the company with them.

Gig Worker

Gig Workers are brought into companies that need staff immediately, typically cover any role within a business, and work for just one shift at a time. There are several benefits of hiring Gig Workers when your business needs qualified employees immediately. Whether your business is experiencing a staffing shortage, busy season, expanding services, or needs someone to cover an employee vacation or unexpected absence, Gig Workers can step in and fill these vacancies. Employers usually work with a staffing agency that has a vetted pool of experienced candidates that are able to start right away, eliminating cost and time spent on recruiting and onboarding. Since staffing agencies hire their Gig Workers directly, their client businesses aren’t faced with providing employee benefits and taxes. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic more qualified employees are flocking to Gig Work than ever before. For employers, this means a more competitive pool of talented candidates, and a more reliable workforce. Further, hiring a Gig Worker is a great way to see a potential employee in action and can reveal more about the individual’s ability to do the job than a traditional job interview. This leads to better hires that are a great fit for your team, that love their job, and relieve your fears of making a costly choice of hiring the wrong person.

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