Is Your Denver Healthcare Facility Short-Staffed in Summer?

Summer is in the air. With Denver’s sun-filled days and cool, comfortable nights everybody appears more cheerful and happier. Let’s face it, summer is wonderful. But how wonderful is it for your Denver healthcare business?

While it’s near impossible to predict how busy your healthcare facility will be this summer, summers always tend to be a little crazed. Children are playing outside resulting in more injuries and germ-related illnesses. Denver’s hot weather and rainy summer days often leads to additional health concerns for the elderly. And ah choo - many people suffer from seasonal-allergies.

So a busy summer is not the best time to get call offs, last minute no-shows, scheduled vacations and other unexpected absences from your Denver healthcare workers. But the reality is that call-offs are par for the course when it comes to summer schedules for employees, and it leaves everybody frustrated. Other healthcare workers need to pick up the slack. For healthcare managers, finding enough coverage is a constant concern. For the person calling in, things are no better. They often feel things are out of their control. What can you do?

What shouldn’t you do?

One thing you can’t do is tell your healthcare workers they can’t call-out during summer months. If you want to keep your employees long-term, you will need to demonstrate some flexibility and understanding. Denver healthcare workers with kids need to juggle summer coverage—often not an easy feat. There is not much your healthcare worker can do if a babysitters doesn’t show up, their daycare center or camp closes unexpectedly, or their child gets sick. A little understanding can go a long way. Remember, your healthcare worker is probably already stressed out.

You also can’t tell your Denver healthcare workers, “Sorry no vacations this summer,” unless you want a mass exodus. Everyone deserves time off from work to relax with family and friends, and summer is the perfect time to do so.

What should you do?

  • Prepare ahead - Ask your Denver healthcare workers for their summer vacation and time off requests early so you can get a jump on making summer schedules. This allows you to optimize your resources and see when and where you may need additional help or backup. Consider if a summer work schedule of four, ten-hour days a week or other flex hour arrangements can give you better coverage and provide the flexible work environment healthcare workers crave in the summer.
  • Sweeten the deal – Offer your current healthcare workers more than your typical pay rate to incentivize workers to pick up shifts. Everybody can use extra cash and your Denver healthcare workers are no exception. For healthcare workers who work additional shifts and gigs elsewhere, a slight pay increase may put you ahead of the pack, which is exactly where you need to be.
  • Get temporary help – Hospitals, home healthcare agencies and long-term care facilities often have a shortage of workers during the summer months. Per diem nurses and per diem nursing assistants can be a valuable resource to help fill any void.

Don't wait until the last minute and be left short-staffed. Get onboarded with GigWorx now. Set up your account and use it only when you need it. Then take a deep breath and enjoy your summer knowing you’ve got everything under control.

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