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GigWorx has a variety of flexible gigs that will match your skills, interests and availability with great local companies. New opportunities are sent right to your phone, helping you take control of your work life!

  • Work whenever you choose, wherever you choose.
  • Pick up only the jobs you’re interested in.
  • Work the hours that are best for your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Improve work-life balance.
  • Have more time, flexibility and control. 
  • Expand upon your skills and enjoy greater job satisfaction!



Balancing work and family can be challenging, but GigWorx provided me with opportunities to stay engaged in the workforce and be there for my family!

Love having an app that sends alerts whenever a job is available. I've picked up a few in the morning and worked later that night. The flexibility is perfect for my lifestyle. 

GigWorx helped me find work that allowed me to make extra cash and cover my bills, while still having time to pursue the things in life that drive me.