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Meet Our Team

  • Matt Alvarez
    Matt Alvarez, Founder
    ✉️ matt@gigworx.com

    Matt gained his start in healthcare staffing right out of college, cold calls and other antiquated methods were the order of the day. During a detour in life that took him to Montana to work in several industries plagued by staffing shortages, he knew there had to be a way to ease these pains. GigWorx was founded with the belief that as much as technology can complicate our lives, it also has the power to simplify and streamline them. GigWorx is the product of that belief. Providing a work life that works with life.

  • Sandi Rummel (1)
    Sandi Rummel, Payroll and Invoicing
    ✉️ accounting@gigworx.com

    Sandi processes payroll and invoices clients for the work our “gigsters” have done each week.

    Sandi has lived in Bozeman for 20 years, and loves it! She has three sons; one in Missoula, one in Boise and one is currently stationed in Guam. She has one granddaughter who lives in Boise, and she loves to travel to see her as often as she can.

    Sandi also works for an accounting firm in Bozeman as the office manager. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, walking and road trips to see our beautiful country. Currently, she is on the quest with a friend to find the best burger in the state!

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