Can I send a shift to only select workers?

Yes, there are multiple ways to send a specific worker a shift directly.

SCHEDULING A SHIFT (for a Specific Worker)
  1. Click the Schedule Tab
  2. Click “Add Job”
  3. Select the appropriate Job Template
  4. Create an appealing Job Title. 
  5. This is what will be displayed for the workers in the Job Notification, so make it Exciting!
  6. Select the appropriate Position.
  7. Meeting Place, Editing the Instructions, and Client Contact fields may be left as default
  8. Select the Correct Date of the shift. You may disregard the “Day Selection Checkboxes” below the Calendar.
  9. Select the start time of the shift, and the duration. Keep in mind that some clients may have 8 hour shifts, while another 8.5 hour shifts.
  10. Select “Unbundled Shifts” as you will only be adding a single shift.
  11. Select the correct Price schedule. 
  12.  To verify the schedule details: Admin>Select Enterprise>Price> and then the ‘Edit’ icon for the desired schedule
  13. Ignore the Escalation selection
SKIP #13 and 14
  1. Select ‘Offer Pick List’ and in Smart Search type workers name
  2. Check box for desired worker and click “Submit Selection”
  3. Click ‘Submit Request’
IF SCHEDULING FOR ANYONE TO PICK UP: Simply omit steps 13 and 14

  • The other way to send shifts to multiple specific workers would be utilizing worker pools. Call your CRM, or for more details click here
  • Call your CRM and have them send the shift to the worker directly