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About GigWorx

A modern, personal approach to connecting with success 

At GigWorx, “temp” is a four-letter word and doesn’t speak to the unique way we operate.   

We believe that by getting to know you better—your needs, preferences, and goals—we can serve you faster and more efficiently. Better relationships with the people we work with are what make GigWorx different and help us help you be more successful at what you do.  

For employers, that means accessing a rich pool of uniquely vetted and qualified workers on demand, reducing labor overhead, and streamlining operations.  

For staff, that means giving you more control over opportunities that reflect both your skills and your lifestyle.  

Finally, our GigWorx app reflects our commitment to technology and the opportunities it brings to help you keep moving forward.



We do this as a team

Matt Alvarez, Founder 

Matt Alvarez gained his start in healthcare staffing right out of college when cold calls and other antiquated methods were the order of the day. During a detour in life that took him to Montana to work in a range of industries that were all plagued by staffing shortages, Matt knew there had to be a way to ease these pains.  

Matt founded GigWorx on the belief that staffing agencies could and should do better, be more in touch with the people they serve, and leverage technology to simplify and streamline the staffing process. GigWorx is the product of that belief: providing a work life that works with life.


Better outcomes in fewer steps 

Our recruiters, schedulers, and administration professionals work as a team to streamline the process for employers and workforce members. While we’re big on technologywe’re proud of our dedicated crew that stands ready to assist you at a moments notice. 

In the field, every team member we place plays an integral role in our success. You prove that there are alternatives to typical work relationships and outdated staffing agencies. You are the reason we are here.



Learn more about GigWorx 

Whether you’re looking for a gig that fits your lifestyle or you represent a company with dynamic staffing needs, reach out to GigWorx today. We’re ready to help you connect with success. 


Download GigWorx 

Find great opportunities that match your availability, skills and interests.