How do I clock in and out on the app?

Use the GigWorx app to track your hours by clocking in and out.

Tracking your hours worked is an essential part of any job, and the GigWorx app makes it easy to do. Simply use the "Check in" button to clock into your shift, and the app will automatically begin tracking your hours. When it's time for a break, use the "Go on Break" button to pause the timer and resume tracking when you return. At the end of your shift, use the "Check Out" button to stop the timer and ensure that your hours are accurately recorded. 

It is essential to keep accurate records of your hours worked to ensure that you get paid on time. Both GigWorx and the client will verify your hours. The GigWorx app helps you keep track of your work schedule and plan your time more efficiently. 

1. Tap "Check in" button to clock into your shift.

2. Track your breaks on the app with the "Break" button above the "Check Out" button to the left.

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3. Clock out at the end of your shift with the "Check Out" button. 

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