How does the app work?

Once you are fully vetted and your account is made live you will be able to receive notifications for new jobs in our smartphone app.

The app will include a job description that includes the

  • pay rate,
  • location,
  • shift times, and
  • dates.

Once you have found a shift that interests you and have accepted it, you are officially committed and will be added to the client's schedule. It's important to note that while we offer a flexible way to find work on your terms, this flexibility ends once you've made a commitment to work. Our clients are counting on you to show up and perform your duties, and that opportunity is no longer available to others who may have wanted it.

After accepting a shift, you can confidently prepare to go to work knowing that you have secured the opportunity. By accepting the job through the app, you have taken the necessary steps to ensure that you are scheduled to work and can begin preparing accordingly. Once you have accepted a shift, you can focus on being productive and performing to the best of your abilities. So don't hesitate to accept a job that interests you - once you've committed, you're on your way to a successful work experience!