How quickly may I start working?

It's up to you how quickly you onboard with GigWorx. Some have done it in one day.

Once you have successfully completed your interview, the next step is to promptly finalize your paperwork and schedule your in-person onboarding session. At GigWorx, we follow a streamlined process that involves

  1. Conducting the interview,
  2. Filling out a background check through Checkr
  3. Completing the necessary paperwork on 321 Forms.
  4. Following this, we offer group in-person onboarding sessions five times a week to accommodate your schedule.

We understand that time is of the essence, and we have had individuals who were able to complete all the necessary steps within a single day. This means that if you are motivated and efficient, you can quickly progress through the paperwork and move on to the exciting part of joining our team.

By providing flexibility and convenience, we aim to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible for you. We value your time and are committed to helping you seamlessly transition into your new role. So, take charge of your paperwork completion and let us guide you through the rest of the process!