4 Tips to Stay Organized: How to stay organized and prepared for work

Struggling with a work-life balance? There are many techniques to keep you organized. Here are some great tips to stay on track and ready for work.

  1. Calendars – use your Google or Apple calendar to plan out your days. Add your work shifts and locations, then add notifications to remind you when and where your work is. Often, events sent to your email automatically add to your digital calendar.
  2. Weather – Use Weather.com or Weather Underground to check weather conditions prior to your shift. Snow in the forecast? Make sure to leave early to account for bad road conditions. Also, consider taking the train or other public transportation for a reliable way to work.
  3. Traffic – Check the local traffic report to see if any accidents have occurred on your commute. Google Maps has a traffic feature showing if there are accidents or slow conditions. They also show the most fuel-efficient routes. Additionally, check your state’s Department of Transportation for up-to-date road conditions. Below has links to the DOT road conditions for GigWorx locations.
  4. Reevaluate your daily routine – it can be difficult to be organized all the time, so take it one step at a time. Get on a more regular sleep schedule, prepare your meals for the week, and good habits will lead to a more organized life.

Ready to take control of your career?

Scheduling work as a PRN or gig worker allows flexibility with scheduling work, but with that comes added responsibility. Ensure you can fulfill your commitments because so many people are relying on you. Your work is important, and many people are counting on you to be there!

Working with GigWorx allows you to build your own schedule and work where and when you want. Set up an interview, download our app, and take your career in your own hands. Learn more about GigWorx here.


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