Build Your Resume with GigWorx

What’s a gig worker? A worker who feels empowered to take work into their own hands. They choose to work when and where they want. They build their career skills through challenging themselves and adapting to new environments.

Gig working and per diem healthcare work not only makes good money on your own schedule, but also helps your career in the long run by showing your future employers you are self-starting, self-motivated, and willing to challenge yourself. More established workers who choose to pick up gigs in their free time show they want to continue learning regardless of their experience level. You’re taking initiative to put yourself in new environments where you learn first-hand how to work with new people in a new place. So how do you showcase these skills on your resume?

  • Title the job as “gig work,” “freelancer,” or “per diem healthcare worker.”
  • Make sure to include general location (e.g. Denver, Colorado or Bozeman, Montana).
  • Don’t simply write what you did, but how you achieved success at your job
    • For example, instead of “took inventory at a warehouse,” say “took initiative to learn inventory best practices in a fast-paced environment.” Focus on highlighting more skills than tasks.
  • Additionally, explain more of the value you bring in your cover letters. Take a few paragraphs to highlight your adaptability and willingness to learn new skills

With GigWorx not only do you have a platform to pick up gigs and per diem work, make your schedule on your own time, and decide where you work, but also, you’re building diverse skills that help in the long run. Your work touches every patient and client you interact with daily. Be proud and showcase those skills on paper.

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