How much does it actually cost to hire a new employee?

And what are the alternatives? Are you looking to hire staff? Having trouble navigating the market? Indeed, Glassdoor, and other online job boards provide solutions to find candidates, but their advertising costs add up quickly. So, what is the true cost to hire and onboard a new staff member?

Hidden Costs

Starting with the job hire post, the costs start when posting. Then each candidate who applies adds cost. Then to get a resume you pay more. Simply posting about candidate’s costs money, then of those candidates, only few will be qualified for interviews.

Once a candidate is found, then the onboarding costs begin. Background and reference checks take time and money. Cost of training adds to the taxes and insurance needed for staff. Workers’ compensation and other employer taxes add to that total cost. And if that staff member only stays for a short period of time? You’re out of luck and quite a bit of cash.

The GigWorx Solution

The solution? Use GigWorx to fill your staffing needs on demand. We hire our staff as W2 workers with full support on our side. The vetting process includes background and reference checks, ensuring our workers are fully compliant. We take on the liability for each of our team members and support them and our clients each step of the way.

In addition, Employee Benefit News (EBN) reports that it costs 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement if that worker leaves. So not only will you prevent your staff’s burnout, you’re saving money in the long term. Quickly scale your business with on-demand staff.

We connect your business or healthcare community to quality staff that work hard to fill your staffing needs on your time. If you need one shift next week or 3 months of gaps, set up your free account with GigWorx today, and fill your needs as soon as possible. Schedule a call today: Healthcare Staffing or Bozeman Gig Staffing

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