How to set up a great profile on the GigWorx App

So you just signed up and onboarded with GigWorx, and on the app you're asked to fill out your profile. Why does it matter? Who cares about your bio? Well it does matter! We want to get to know you better and support your career, and your app profile gives us a better picture of who you are.Amanda Profile Example

Both your team lead and the businesses you'll be working with can view your profile when you pick up a shift. This gives you the opportunity to start your personal branding and show off your skills and passions. 

To look professional and put your best foot forward, we recommend the following tips:

  • Have a good photo of yourself - we want to see your beautiful face! Need to take  a new picture of yourself? LinkedIn has some great tips for finding and taking a great photo
  • Write a bio - in the "Tell Us About Yourself" section to personalize your profile. Include:
    • Your past relevant experiences
    • Why you wanted to work with GigWorx
    • Something personal - a fun fact about yourself!
  • Upload your resume - showcase your past work experiences

The more you work with certain clients, you're able to build rapport which could lead to a full time position. Also, keeping your resume up to date will help you with your future career. Don't forget to include GigWorx on your resume;  you're showing your future employers you are self-starting, self-motivated, and willing to challenge yourself.

Not sure how to add gig work to your resume? Check out our article here: How Gig Work Can Supercharge Your Resume.

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