How can we make a more equitable workspace for women?

Many countries around the world celebrate International Women's Day to honor and recognize women's achievements in the workplace, as well as fight for equity.  The United Nations first recognized the holiday in 1977 as the labor movement started spreading across North America and Europe during the turn of the twentieth century. It has since been celebrated on March 8th as a day to promote women's rights and world peace.  

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This year, 2023, the International Women's Day theme is to #EmbraceEquity and to "get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren't enough. People start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action." Read more about how we can embrace equity here

How can all employers create a more equitable space for women?

Because of this, we wanted to highlight 6 great ways to ensure women’s equity according to Great Place to Work. This article includes

  1. Scheduling Diversity and Inclusion training for leadership,
  2. Partner with compensation team to ensure promotion strategy is fair regardless of gender,
  3. Become an expert when it comes to your organization’s benefits,
  4. Be mindful of recognizing your team members equally,
  5. Avoid making assumptions, and
  6. Create a safe space for your employees to feel heard and seen.

The article expands on these ideas further, but ultimately prompts the idea of being more conscious of your actions across the board. 

How does GigWorx create a more equitable workplace for women?

Currently we’re a part of the Gallatin Valley Human Resources Association, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Each meeting we attend we not only brainstorm ideas with community members, we create achievable action items to make our workplace a more include space for everyone.

We’re creating a mother’s room to create a safe and clean, chill space for nursing mothers. MOA Architecture defines a mothers’ room as a “dedicated space in a workplace where breastfeeding employees can comfortably, conveniently, and privately express breast milk while at work.”

We constantly advocate for our staff in the field. If any issue arises on the job, please reach out to support so we can handle the problem the best way we can.

Have questions for us? Suggestions on how to make a more inclusive workplace for you? Please reach out to, or shoot us a text at (855) 444-9679.

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