Love Your Gig? Doing an Awesome Job? You Could Get Hired Permanently!

Having a job you love is more than just getting a paycheck. It’s even more than the work-related tasks you do each day, week, and month. 

While both are important to your ultimate success and personal satisfaction, there’s a big difference between a job and a great job. What makes a job great? It often has to do with company culture fit.

What exactly is company culture? Well, according to Inc., it’s what the people do when the CEO isn’t looking, and there’s four distinct types:

  • Customer-focused culture
  • Performance-driven culture
  • Employee-focused culture
  • No articulated culture

There’s no right or wrong culture fit. But a culture that aligns with your personal likes and dislikes will be the one where you feel most at home and perform the best. Do you want a full-time job in a company with traditional, corporate values? Do you think wearing a shirt and tie, or dress and heels to work sounds about right? Or is your idea of corporate clothing, jeans and a company-issued polo shirt with their logo blazed across it? Or maybe you think clothing has nothing to do with work performance at all, and prefer working from home in your pajamas where you’re comfy. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

When you’re looking for a full-time job, how do you know if the job will be a good culture fit and make you happy down the road? After all, the hiring manager is selling the position and will highlight the pros and downplay the cons. Many times, new employees don’t know if the full-time job will be a good fit or their worst nightmare until they sign a contract and come onboard. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work on a trial basis before committing to a full time job? Well, you can (kind of) by making use of temp-to-perm advantages. What we mean by that is that for the right person, gigs can turn into temp-to-hire or temp-to-perm positions if both parties are happy with the arrangement.

How likely is that scenario? You’d be surprised. According to American Staffing more than one-third (35%) of temps were offered a permanent job by a client where they worked on an assignment, and two-thirds (66%) of those accepted the offers of permanent employment. Those are pretty good odds.

At GigWorx, many of our company clients are looking for full-time employees and use GigWorx to temporarily fill those positions with the hopes of finding that “gem of an employee” who does an exceptional job, is a good culture fit, and loves what they do. Many of these corporate clients hire these gig workers for full time jobs! If you’re looking for a temp to perm position, consider gig work. It’s an excellent way to test the waters before diving in headfirst.

There’s an old proverb: opportunity did not knock until I built a door. So build yourself a door! When you use GigWorx to pick up a variety of gigs, you’re exposing yourself to a multitude of new opportunities: different jobs, different industries, different corporate cultures, different teams, and different bosses. It gives you a unique chance to really understand what you like about a job and what you dislike. When you love your job, you’ll do your best. And when you do your best, employers notice. When that happens, you might just find that your temporary gig has moved from temp-to-perm or temp-to hire, giving you a job you’re proud to call yours.

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