3 Ways Seasonal Workers Can Eliminate Workplace Stress

Are you gearing up for a special event, hectic holiday or a demanding season and need additional and reliable staff now? Whether you work in retail, hospitality, construction or another industry that requires additional employees throughout busy times of the year, consider hiring a company that specializes in placing temporary employees.

Why? Here are three risks associated with work stress. Hiring seasonal employees, seasonal workers, and flexible workers can help reduce them.

1. Health Risks Caused By Stress 

Happiness Experts, Annie McKee and Emma Seppälä in a CNBC article say, “slow-burning stress, anger and other negative emotions can literally kill us.” Some of the physical health risks caused by stress at work include increased risk of diabetes, immune deficiency disorders, chronic back pain, obesity, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Adverse physical ailments aren’t the only byproducts of stress. Stress can cause a host of mental health issues, including anxiety, burnout and poor dietary choices.

For business owners and managers, the stress of trying to “handle it all” during the busiest times of the year with longer work days and fewer resources is not a sustainable way of life. It destroys relationships, causes depression and whittles away at your health. Using an experienced temporary agency that knows how to handle the back office tasks associated with hiring seasonal and shift workers, eliminates the hassle of screening and onboarding.

2. Productivity Cost of Stress

Stressed employees are costly. Unhappy employees typically take off more days due to mental health and doctor visits. Workplace stress is linked to higher accident and injury rates. Stress levels are highest among younger workers, those employed in lower-skilled jobs and casual full-time workers according to Corporate Wellness Magazine.

When business spikes due to the season or holiday, you might schedule employee overtime. But not so fast. According to Forbes, a study over eighteen industries in the U.S. showed that overtime hours has a significantly negative impact on the amount of work performed. They reported that a 10 percent increase in overtime results in a 2.4 percent decrease in productivity. The stress employees feel when asked to work more hours during an already busy time, can cost the business in terms of productivity. Instead, turn to temporary or seasonal workers to fill these gaps.

3. Financial Cost of Stress

Employee stress results in more doctor visits and requests for time off. Corporate Wellness Magazine says that providing medical care and employee assistance for stressed out workers can cost a company big time. Some of these include employee assistance programs such as: medical treatment plans, compensation plans, rehabilitation programs and return to work programs.

If you’re like most business owners or managers, you want to pay for what you need when you need it. You strive for flexible, convenient solutions that provide speed and accuracy and there’s no better way to accomplish that than through the use of flexible workers.

The best way to get a reliable, headache-free flexible staff is through the use of an experienced temporary staffing agency. During drastic times, you need everything to operate as smoothly as possible. What you don’t need are seasonal employees who are unreliable, unmotivated or inexperienced. You’ve already been stretched too thin.

Besides, who needs the extra stress of sourcing, screening and onboarding temporary workers when you have more important things to worry about?


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