4 Benefits of a Flexible Gig


It’s 2018 and the 9-5 workplace is a thing of the past. At least, that’s what 36% of the U.S. population says. Another fun fact - 87% of millennials want to work according to their own schedule and even say that flexible work is more important than a higher salary!

What is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is work that includes short engagements, temporary contracts, “pick-up shifts” and independent contracting. A popular example is Uber, an on-demand, ride sharing service, that allows drivers to choose when they want to work.

Gig Benefits

Imagine working whenever you choose, wherever you choose. With a flexible gig, you have the choice to pick up only the jobs you’re interested in and work the hours that are best for your schedule and lifestyle.

A flexible gig improves work-life balance and offers more flexibility and control. Here are 4 benefits to add to your list if you’re deciding whether gigs or the 9-5 work day is best for you.

1. Complete Control Over Your Day-to-Day Schedule

With the ability to accept a job at your fingertips, it’s extremely easy to select when and where you work. Are you a night owl? Choose a gig that works late into the evening/early morning. Do you prefer working outside? Choose a gig that is outdoors. Have as much flexibility and freedom as you'd like!


With a flexible gig, you’ll score reduced travel time commuting outside of the traffic jam that partners with the typical 9-5-hour work day. An average employee spends 36 hours a year just driving to and from their workplace. That extra time you saved by working a flexible gig can be spent with family, hobbies, travel and more.

3. Greater Job Satisfaction

Perform the tasks you’re great at: choose what you want to do, when you want to do it. Working a job you enjoy leads to increased productivity and less stress, which will ultimately reduce the feeling of job burnout.

4. Expansion Upon Your Skills

The flexible gig lifestyle allows you to choose from different job categories. One day you may pick up a serving shift in a restaurant and the next day, a shift tearing down equipment at a concert venue. Either way, each job will require a different skillset, and employers of the future will love to see the variety on your resume and/or gig profile.

A flexible gig is a temporary work model; pick up a shift and see if it’s right for you, then enjoy being a happier, harder-working employee. Need extra cash? Pick up an extra shift. Want more “me” time? Take a day or two off! The options are endless in the gig economy!

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