GigWorx to the Rescue

What do you think of when you hear the word “gig worker”? Do you think a gigster is someone who can’t hold down a real job or is between jobs? Or do you think employers might view a gig worker or independent contractor as someone who took a left when they should have taken a right in their job path?

Those stigmas are a thing of the past. Today, gig workers are here by choice and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. The number of independent workers saying they feel more secure working independently has soared from 32 percent in 2011 to 56 percent in 2020 according to MBO Partners. That’s a lot of happy workers who ditched the 9-to-5- career for that of an independent gig worker.

Why the increase? Because the life of a gigster works in today’s society for so many different people in so many different situations. Whether you are a casual earner who also has another full-time job, a free agent using the gig economy as your primary income, or are working out of necessity because you are financially strapped, gig work can provide you with the opportunity to succeed.

Here are some common scenarios we see at GigWorx where we have come to the rescue:

  1. Emily is a student at Montana State University. It’s impossible to commit to a permanent part-time job because she never knows when she will have to study extra hard for an exam or put in unexpected hours for a project, not to mention a party she just can’t miss. GigWorx has saved her time and again. During the school year she picks up shifts on the weekends or when she has some unexpected free time. Over the summer she picks up more shifts during the week. This allows her to save money for school, travel with friends, and start gaining valuable work experience for her evolving resume.
  2. Phil is a part-time bartender. He enjoys the work and usually the money is pretty good. But sometimes a week can be exceptionally slow or filled with really bad tippers. GigWorx allows him to keep the job he loves and pick up extra bartending shifts in a field he knows well and is good at. This allows him to supplement a bad week of tips so he doesn’t get behind on his rent and other bills.
  3. Jessica is dying to go on a big trip at the end of the summer with all her friends. One problem, though—money! Her parents agreed to pay for the ticket and that will be a huge help, but what about spending money? Some of her friends are working gig jobs at GigWorx to help pay for their trip. They told her to sign up, too. She loves the flexibility. She can still enjoy her summer and pick up shifts around her other activities. The work is easy and the money good. She is surprised how fast her savings is growing.
  4. Travis was working a position with consistent hours and doing a great job. Unfortunately, the company needed to cut back on staff and as a newbie, he was one of the first to be let go. GigWorx was able to quickly offer Travis new opportunities. He was able to continue working without skipping a beat!

Whether you are looking for one shift or multiple shifts, want to work in one particular industry or try different things, GigWorx is your partner. No matter your situation, we offer a variety of flexible jobs to match your skills, interests, and availability with great local companies. New opportunities are sent right to your phone! Get started now!

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