Do You Have Big Financial Goals? GigWorx Can Help You Achieve Them!

There's no time like the present to start setting your financial goals. It doesn’t matter whether you want to save for a vacation, get out of debt, or sock money away for college, setting goals is the best way to increase your likelihood of success. Why? Financial goals give you focus and motivation. Financial goals also allow you to measure your success. According to the 2017 America Saves Week survey, 56% of American households with a plan report making good or excellent progress meeting savings needs, compared with 24% of households without a plan.

Here are 3 popular financial targets. Get out your bow and arrow, take aim, and concentrate as you hit your financial mark!

1. Trying to get out of credit card debt?

The mean credit card debt of U.S. households is approximately $5,700, according to the most recent data from the Survey of Consumer Finances by the U.S. Federal Reserve. The "mean amount of credit card debt" considers balances that Americans above the age of 18 have on average, throughout the year and varies widely by state or region.

Both Montana and Colorado ranked high when it comes to national credit card debt. The typical household in Colorado carries an average of $ 9,108, making it the 7th highest state in the country. Montana was even higher at $9,759, making it the 5th state with the highest credit card debt. Ready to pay down your debt? Try David Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method. It works like this: List your debts from smallest to largest and start by paying off your smallest debt first. Throw everything you can at that first debt. An average GigWorx shift pays $15.00 to $25.00 an hour. Just one shift will give you about $100.00 to apply to your debt. Once that first debt is paid, pay what you would have spent toward it each month along with the money you’re making from GigWorx and put it toward the second debt (while still paying minimums on the other debts).

2. Paying for college?

Tuition and housing are only part of the picture when it comes to paying for college. Technology and electronics (average $1,059.20), Greek life fees (couple of hundred to $2000.00), trips home, books and supplies ($1,240), and personal expenses are just some of the additional costs you may need to cover. Picking up a GigWorx shift or two can really help when it comes to paying for these hidden college costs.

3. Saving for a trip?

Life isn’t all work and no play, right? Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. Dreaming of an all access ski pass to some of the world’s best skiing (including Montana and Colorado) this winter season? An EPIC season pass might be just what the doctor orders. The cost isn’t cheap, at just under $1000.00, and weekend trips can put some strain on your wallet.

But that’s the benefit of setting financial goals. It allows you to attend fun events you might not otherwise have been able to because you didn’t have the funds.

$1000.00 might seem like a lot, but you have the potential to earn up to $25.00 an hour with GigWorx shifts. A couple of shifts a week and you’ll probably hit your goal in just a little over a month. What are you waiting for?


What are your financial goals? Attaching reasons to your goals puts them in perspective and fuels motivation. So whether you want to reward yourself with a killer vacation, help with college costs, or pay down debt, GigWorx can help you hit your financial mark.

Shifts typically pay between $15-25/hour. By picking up just 1 shift a week you can easily earn over $100 to add toward your financial goal each week. With determination and consistency like that, you’ll be hitting your targets in no time. Download the GigWorx app and get started earning money toward your financial goals ASAP! Yup, it’s that easy.

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