Why is gig work a good fit?

Although it may be difficult to find a full time position, this does not mean that there are no job opportunities available. In fact, if you are open to considering gig jobs, you may find something both financially rewarding and personally satisfying.

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If you are struggling to find your "dream job," entering the gig economy could be a stepping stone towards achieving your career goals. According to a recent survey by Monster, 41% of recent college graduates plan to pursue gig jobs until they secure full-time, permanent positions.

If the perfect 9-to-5 job has not materialized for you yet, here are several compelling reasons why you should consider taking a gig economy job instead.

Reason #1: Marketable Skills

You will acquire valuable skills that are marketable in your professional career. Whether you choose a peer-to-peer job that improves your communication and customer service skills or structure your own work schedule to enhance your time-management abilities, gig economy jobs provide opportunities for skill development. Additionally, embracing an entrepreneurial mindset can be advantageous for any career path.

Reason #2: Make More Money in Less Time

Gig economy jobs have the potential to be extremely lucrative, with unlimited earning possibilities for those willing to put in the hard work. According to data compiled by Silk.co, drivers for popular ride-sharing services in San Francisco can earn six-figure incomes by completing as few as 97 trips per week or 14 trips per day. Additionally, many eCommerce platforms only take a small percentage of their vendors' sales, allowing individuals to earn a significant portion of their revenue.

GigWorx is one such platform that offers jobs with rates of up to $35 per hour, depending on the difficulty level and location. In fact, many positions in Big Sky even provide a travel stipend! This means that gig workers have the opportunity to earn a substantial income while enjoying the flexibility and autonomy that comes with being part of the gig economy.

Reason #3: Manage Your Schedule

One of the major advantages of joining the gig economy is the ability to manage your own schedule. Flexibility is a top priority for young job seekers. By being in control of your own time and not having to adhere to strict office hours, you can work when it suits you best. Whether you prefer to sleep in and start your workday at 11 a.m. or work during unconventional hours, the gig economy offers the freedom and flexibility you desire.

With platforms like GigWorx, you have the power to choose which shifts you want to commit to, allowing you to build your own schedule according to your preferences and needs. Say goodbye to rigid 9-to-5 hours and embrace the flexibility of the gig economy.

Reason #4: More Options

The gig economy is a treasure trove of job opportunities. In Gallatin Valley, GigWorx has partnered with over 30 businesses, offering diverse opportunities such as furniture building, pond cleaning, snow shoveling, and even bartending! You can find shifts that suit your schedule, whether it's on weekdays or weekends. The gig economy caters to a wide range of talents and interests.

Reason #5: Community

While gig economy jobs may lack traditional co-workers, you will join a community of independent workers. Did you know there are over 250 gig workers active in the app? This growth reflects the rising demand for gig economy jobs and the support network that comes with it. Although you may not have colleagues in the conventional sense, you will be part of a thriving community.

The gig economy presents an attractive alternative for individuals who have yet to find their ideal 9-to-5 job. By offering marketable skills, more money in less time, flexible schedules, ample job options, and a supportive community, gig economy jobs can be a stepping stone towards achieving your career goals. So, if you are still on the hunt for your dream job, consider exploring the opportunities that the gig economy has to offer.

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