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Do GigWorkers Provide the Skills and Service Needed In Hospitality?

There are many things drawing people into the world of Hospitality. The flexible hours, ability to make great money, work exciting events, have fun at your job, get skills and training that will carry into any field and the possibility of providing life long memories to those you serve.

Hospitality in seasonal, or resort focused towns, is a mixed bag. It is boom and bust, exciting and quiet, long hours then no hours. From a management point of view, properly staffing restaurants, hotels or clubs in this type of environment is especially challenging. It feels like a full time year round job. Just when you are staffed for one season you have to start looking ahead to the next. Fully staffed one minute, lose 10 people the next day due to various reasons, often housing, pets, significant others, school, other offers, the list goes on. It can get extremely frustrating.

Anybody in charge of staffing, hiring and training understands this dilemma. How do you get the best of the best, move your organization in a positive direction, install minimal training standards and programs and expect excellence when every season (or mid-season) there are a whole new set of faces? The aim is returners, long-term staff who want to learn, grow and develop season after season. Doing this properly requires an enormous amount of work upfront, vetting candidates, setting up interviews, going through that process, making sure they meet standards, have housing, transportation (ie can actually get to work), understand the hours and schedules expected, and are reliable team players.

Faced with multiple large-scale events in the past year without proper staffing, I happened upon GigWorx through a colleague’s recommendation. I was hesitant at first. Temps? Can they provide the skills and service that we need? Will they show up? How will they work with the regular staff? I reached out to Matt Alvarez, the founder and owner, and found him extremely communicative, friendly and intuitive as to what I needed.

We set up a meeting and he came all the way up to meet me, walk me through the interface and the software, and explain how he vets his employees (thoroughly). There are so many great things about the way the system is set up. It is easy to use, request workers, see when shifts are picked up and by whom, and more. You create the positions and requirements, post the shifts you want covered, and get a notification every time it is covered, as well as real time tracking and updates. You are able to detail all uniform requirements, hours, expectations and directions. Matt is your liaison and can also handle all of this for you if you prefer, giving you complete peace of mind with this intuitive system.

This company fills a real need in the area in this market. No more stressing about staffing. Just reach out to GigWorx and let them know what you need. They can handle the rest. My favorite part of working with GigWorx has been the personal touch. They go above and beyond to help you and make sure that you are staffed and satisfied. From rolling silverware to setting up tables, the owner himself jumped in to lend a hand for more than one of our events. A truly great company and an asset to the industry.

Jennifer M., Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, Private Ski Resort