Take the Gig Plunge And Jump In

Is this your first GigWorx shift? Feeling a little anxious? That’s normal. Lots of people feel that way when they’re facing new challenges, but don’t let nerves get in your way of success. Even though taking a risk requires courage, without risk there’s no reward.

And the rewards are big! Working the gig economy can boost self-confidence in significant ways. Each time you succeed when you put yourself in a new situation, conviction in yourself increase. When you feel more assured, you are less cautious about taking chances in the future.

If you’re like most people, if you’re feeling outside your comfort zone you’ll either (1) procrastinate and put it off, or (2) jump right in without thinking.

But you wouldn’t jump into a deep pool of water if you didn’t know how to swim, right? Being prepared is the best way to squelch any nerves bubbling up to the surface. And we can help you test the waters with 6 tips designed for anybody starting their first GigWorx shift.

Preparing for your first shift:

  1. Read the "Instructions" section carefully. Do you understand exactly what the gig entails so you can prepare accordingly? Does the job require you to lift heavy items? Do you need to be able to work for long periods on your feet? Are there any other prerequisites?
  2. What will you wear? If you’ll be working outside, check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Are there uniform requirements? Should your hair be tied back? Should you wear non-slip or closed-toe shoes or boots?
  3. Firm up the where and when. Map out where you are going so you know how long it will take to get there. Is traffic heavy when you need to travel to the gig site? If so, make sure to incorporate that into your travel schedule. Are you familiar with the route? If not, check it out on a map or navigation app so you arrive on time and relaxed. Do you need to arrive 10 minutes early?
  4. Know where to meet. Each job description explains where to go when you arrive at the location. Plug the time and contact information into your phone so you always have it handy.
  5. What about food breaks? When it comes time for your break, is lunch or dinner provided or should you pack one? How long is your break? If you want to pick something up, is there someplace nearby and will you have enough time to get there, eat, and get back?
  6. Don’t forget to check-in. Use the GigWorx app to login your time of arrival and any breaks. Don’t forget to logout when you finish your shift. The app keeps track of your time so that you get paid accordingly.

Don't wait until the last minute if you have questions! Reach out to support@gigworx.com with any concerns or visit GigWorx’s FAQ page for answers to our most frequently asked questions.


It’s easy to stay in a rut. It’s safe. But trying new things boosts self-awareness, inspires creativity, and allows you to explore new experiences. Trying something new for the first time is always the hardest. Once you get the first shift under your belt, your confidence will skyrocket. All the others? A piece of cake!

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