Unprecedented Times - Preparing for the Unknown

Job security during COVID-19, is there really such a thing? Year 2020 has been a year of unparalleled uncertainty—with job security ranking right up there with health, politics, and finances as the things that keep us up at night. There’s no doubt that finances and job security are strongly related to increased anxiety during a pandemic.

And there’s reason to be anxious. Science Daily reported that in mid-April 2020, the national unemployment rate reached 14.7 percent -- the highest since the Great Depression. Forty-one million American workers filed for unemployment between February and May of 2020. As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, employed Americans are worried whether or not their job will last. Will their hours be cut? Will their company close up? If they are unemployed, how long will it take to find another job?

These are real problems, but there are some things you can do right now to increase job security during these uncertain and unprecedented times with flexible work opportunities.

Gig Work Offers Flexible Work Hours –While many employers have allowed employees to work remotely or have kept them on payroll, some workers are wondering how long those arrangements can continue. Fortune reported that nearly 100,000 establishments that temporarily shut down due to the pandemic are now out of business. If you need to find a new job or are worried your company may eliminate your position, consider the flexibility work opportunities gigs can provide.

The beauty of flexible work is that it fits with your schedule. In my school district, if 2 children are infected with COVID-19, the entire school closes for two weeks and all learning is done remotely. After the two weeks, students return to school. If at any given time, two more students come down with COVID-19, school is closed for another two weeks. Because you’re uncertain when school will be open and when your kids will be home, going in to work on a daily basis becomes a scheduling nightmare. You just don’t know from one week to the next. GigWorx allows you to pick up flexible work shifts that WORK with your schedule.

Gig Work Offers Networking Possibilities –One of the bonuses of gig work is making important business contacts that could turn out to be instrumental in your job search. With so many people isolated at home, getting out in the workforce through gig work helps build connections, and building connections can open doors for you.

Plus, you never know where a gig can lead. Often, if the match is right (gigsters are happy with the flexible work environment and the employer is happy with the gigster’s performance and attitude) a permanent offer may be in the cards. Remember: You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket! Networking creates opportunity and nobody wins by missing them.

Gig Work Fills Employment Gaps - If you’ve lost your job or are looking for new opportunities, flexible work can fill your unemployment gap until you find a new, permanent job. Flexible work opportunities means that you can schedule job interviews and still make money until you find your next job. Because you work when and where you want, you can accept an interview at the last minute without worrying about missing work. Simply don’t pick up a shift that day and pick up flexible work when you can.

Gig Work Supplements Your Income– If you’re in jeopardy of your company closing, cutting your hours, or letting you go, now is the time to earn extra money through flexible work opportunities. For example, for hospitality workers, the holiday season is usually the busiest time of year with large events, banquets, holiday gatherings, weddings and receptions. With reduced hours due to COVID-19, picking up a couple of shifts can help make ends meet which is especially important during the holidays.

Whether you are secure in your job, have been given reduced hours, or are unemployed, there are always good reasons to take advantage of flexible work. If you are looking for flexible work opportunities, download the GigWorx App today and work tomorrow!

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