406 Day in Montana: Why 406?

Montana is known for its stunning natural beauty, rugged landscapes, and rich history. And on April 6th (4-06), Montanans celebrate their state's unique culture and heritage by observing 406 Day - a homage to the state's only area code that they have been using since 1963.

The holiday has become popular in recent years due to social media and its popularity with those who live in or have ties to the state. Montana is one of 12 states (and the second largest to Alaska) that has only one area code. 

406 Day

Montanans are proud of their state and its history.

406 Day is a time for locals and visitors alike to appreciate Montana's awe-inspiring landscapes, from the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the sparkling waters of Flathead Lake. It's a day to reflect on the state's rich history, including the stories of Native American tribes who have called Montana home for thousands of years, the pioneers who braved the rugged terrain to settle the land, and the mining and logging industries that have played a crucial role in the state's development. Want to learn more about Montana’s early history? Check out MontanaKids.com.

406 Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the state's unique culture, from its cowboy and ranching traditions to its vibrant arts scene. Montanans take pride in their state's independent spirit and strong sense of community, and 406 Day is a time to come together and celebrate all that makes the state so special.

Montana has always been known for being different than other states around us--and we love it! There are many reasons why people love living here: our beautiful landscape; friendly communities; outdoor activities like hiking or biking; fresh air (and not too much smog). Whether you're a lifelong Montanan or a first-time visitor, April 6th is the perfect day to celebrate all that makes Montana such a unique and special place. So raise a glass to Montana Day and all that this great state has to offer!

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