Bozeman Mental Health Resource Guide

As GigWorx is a proud member of the Gallatin Valley Human Resources Association (GVHRA), a subsidiary of Society for HR Management (SHRM), we wanted to bring attention to the work of the Mental Health and Social Services Resource Guide curated by the Gallatin County Mental Health Local Advisory Council.

This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals seeking support, information, and guidance in the realm of mental health and social services.

Our goal was to make this guide easily accessible online, providing gig workers with valuable resources and links to their respective websites. We genuinely care about the well-being of not only our gigworkers, but anyone in the Gallatin Valley. Please take care of yourself!


Mental health resource guide 1

Table of Contents

I. Emergency Help

     a. If you're concerned about someone, are they...

          1. ...Suicidal or Depressed?

          2. ...Intoxicated with Drugs or Alcohol? 

          3. ...Displaying Unusual or Unsettling Behavior?

          4. ...Aggressive or Violent Behavior?

II. Behavioral/Mental Health Resources

III. Medical Resources

IV. Housing Assistance

V. Food Assistance

VI. Legal Resources

VII. Financial Assistance

VIII. Transportation

XI. Child & Family Related Resources

Emergency Help

Assistance for those in crisis or urgent need of help Dial 9-8-8 to reach Montana’s Suicide Prevention
and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline and / or

  • Dial 406-586-3333 to reach The Help Center
  • Text “MT” to 741-741 for Crisis Text Line

Dial 9-1-1 If immediately life threatening. If you call 911, ask for a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer.
CIT officers are trained to help with mental health crises.

Persons of any age can go to the Emergency
Department at the nearest hospital:

If you are concerned about someone, are they...

...Suicidal or Depressed?

Ask Them:
  • “Have you had thoughts of killing yourself?”
  • “Are you suicidal?”
  • “How would you harm yourself?
  • “Do you have access/ability to implement this plan?”
  • “Do you know when you would do it?”
  • Is this person in a safe place? Can you/ someone else stay with them?
9-8-8 Help Center

...Intoxicated with Drugs or Alcohol?

  • What Substance and how much did they take? 
  • What behaviors is the person exhibiting?
  • Is the person vomiting or seizing?
  • Is the person unresponsive?

Who to call?

...Displaying Unusual or Unsettling Behavior?

  • Is the person hearing, seeing, or anything unusual that could cause harm to self or
  • Does the person appear to be talking to themselves in a way that is causing distress
    to themselves or is unsafe for others?
  • Does the person appear frightened, angry, agitated or depressed? 2-1-1 Help Center

...Aggressive or Violent Behavior?

  • Has the person behaved in a manner that would inflict harm?
  • Has the person made any threats? What is the nature of the threats?
  • Has the person consumed any alcohol or drugs?


Behavioral/Mental Health Resources


Medical Resources

  • 406-995-6995 Big Sky Medical Center- Big Sky
  • 406-414-5000 Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital- Bozeman
  • 406-898-1201 Billings Clinic– Bozeman
  • 406-587-0681 BridgerCare Bozeman - reproductive health care services
  • 406-924-5754 Community Health Partners* Belgrade
  • 406-585-1360 Community Health Partners* Bozeman
  • 406-222-1111 Community Health Partners* Livingston
  • 406-646-9441 Community Health Partners* W. Yellowstone
  • 406-585-8701 Community Health Partners Dental Practice
  • 406-582-3100 Gallatin City-County Health Department
  • 888-706-1535 Gallatin County Office of Public Assistance - call for eligibility criteria
  • 888-706-1535 Healthy Montana Kids (MT CHIP) Eligibility Hotline
  • 406-222-3541 Livingston Healthcare
  • 800-362-8312 Medicaid Help Line
  • 800-633-4227 Medicare Information Line
  • 406-222-4145 Park County Health Department
  • 406-582-5300 VA Clinic - for Veterans

 * All CHP clinics have low cost/sliding fee behavioral health services, primary & preventive health care services available to everyone regardless of ability to pay

Housing Assistance

Food Assistance

Legal Resources

Financial Assistance


Child & Family Related Resources


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