9 Ways to Be Prepared for the Montana Winter


In the Godfather II, Hyman Roth (a business partner and eventual betrayer of Michael Corleone) is discussing a particularly hairy situation he is entangled in. Rather than lamenting the circumstances that lead to the predicament, he uttered the now often quoted line, “This is the business we have chosen.” Well, if you wake up many winter mornings in Montana and find yourself looking out the window at a fresh layer of snow and at a thermometer that has headed well south of zero degrees outside, you are probably wondering a few things as you trudge to the kitchen to get your coffee (if you don’t drink coffee, good for you, but don’t talk to me until I have had mine).

Primarily, you may be asking yourself, will my car start this morning and what are the roads like? These are both real considerations, but along the lines of Hyman Roth’s assessment of his situation, Montana is the place we have chosen to live. Therefore, you must be prepared! Below are some tips on how to be ready for some possibilities and eventualities. 

  1. Road conditions – It amazed me when I first moved to the area how proficient some people are in driving a two-wheel drive sedan on the snowy roads! Granted, there is a limit to everything and sound judgement is needed in deciding when and where to drive, but there are some things you can do to prepare yourself (from Weather.com). 
  2. Take your car in for maintenance in advance of the winter. When getting your oil changed, ask your mechanic to give you any recommendations to get your car winterized. 
  3. Use de-icing wind shield wiper fluid. Buy several jugs ahead of time...when the bad weather comes, it is often hard to find at the store since everyone else is going for it too! 
  4. Check your tires. Consider swapping your summer tires for an all-weather option. Also, consider letting air out of your tires to increase tire to surface contact. Consult your mechanic or owner’s manual to identify the safe pressure to reduce the tires too. 
  5. Have an emergency kit packed in your car. Here is an example of a comprehensive list to consider: https://www.consumerreports.org/winter-driving/winter-car-emergency-kit-review-winter-driving-safety-a9935578560/ 
  6. Starting your car in cold weather – Nothing is more frustrating than hopping in your car first thing in the morning and having it not start. Winter can wreak havoc on your car’s starting and ignition systems, so below are some tips to be prepared and limit this possibility (from Weather.com). 
  7. Have your battery tested before winter comes. Many auto part stores like AutoZone and O’Reilly Auto Parts will test your battery for free and let you know if you may have pending trouble. 
  8. Turn off all accessories when you get out of your car the night before (radio, heater, etc.) and unplug all chargers. You want to disengage anything that can draw on your battery. 
  9. If your car won’t start immediately, verify if it clicks or if the dashboard lights light up. If either of those is the case, your battery has some charge which means you probably just need a jump to get it going. If you can, consider a portable battery charger/jumper. Here some examples: https://www.consumerreports.org/winter-driving/winter-car-emergency-kit-review-winter-driving-safety-a9935578560/ 

Bottom line, planning and preparation are going to be key for you to ensure you keep your car reliably starting and available for you. At GigWorx, we want you to be able to have that sort of planning and preparation available to you in your employment. Through our mobile app and extensive client relationships we have across the Gallatin Valley and Big Sky, you can set your own schedule and choose where and when you want to work. Your life and earning potential are in your hands. Visit GigWorx.com to get started and allow us to help you get where you want to go! 



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