How to Fill Shift Vacancies with Short Notice

There’s a new way for businesses to solve one of their most trying challenges:filling shift vacancies on short notice with shift workers. Anyone responsible for managing a customer-centric business knows when employees don’t show up for work, you need to find replacements quickly before things go from bad to worse. Whether you’re talking about call offs, job ghosting, absenteeism or busy seasons and holidays, when an employee is a “no-show" everybody from the customer to the rest of the team suffers.

If you’re frustrated by unreliable employees who drop the ball when they’re needed most, we get it! Here are some common pitfalls to watch for:

Job Ghosting

In today’s healthy job market, workers are holding all the cards and business owners need to know how to respond. Workers who accept jobs but don’t show up, and employees who vanish from work without giving notice (both forms of job ghosting) are on the rise. According to one VP of human resources in the casino industry, job ghosting happens about 30 percent of the time with the servers, bartenders and other workers they hired last year, almost double the previous rate.

Call Offs

At one time or another, everybody gets sick. But for some workers, calling off becomes the norm. CareerBuilders says that workers calling off (even when they’re not sick) is a growing problem. They report that many workers call off rather than requesting a personal day in advance. According to the report, the main culprits include: doctors’ appointments, not feeling like working, needing to relax, catching up on sleep, running errands, catching up on housework, and plans with family and friends.

Busy Seasons and Holidays 

For retail business owners, holidays and busy seasons can make or break your company. You can’t afford to be short staffed and miss sales opportunities. In order to make the most of these peak times, you need the right employee scheduling strategy during the holidays. You need to consider the extended demands on permanent workers and the limited availability for seasonal workers. While you can certainly plan ahead for busy seasons and holidays, and should, even the best planners can still miss the mark.

How to Find Reliable Staff

The use of shift workers to augment permanent staff can help reduce, if not eliminate, the additional strain that comes with on-going stress associated with hectic times. When you’re under-staffed on short notice or a victim of job-ghosting, a reliable on-demand staffing agency will help fill these shift vacancies with short notice. They should have a pool of pre-screened talent to choose from so you can quickly and efficiently respond to your unexpected staffing needs. You don’t have the time to post jobs, sift through resumes, vet candidates, or interview. You need somebody who can hit the ground running as soon as their shift starts!

If you're looking for available, reliable shift workers, contact GigWorx today!

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